School Overview


Training Tomorrow’s Dancers Today

Students of our School inherit knowledge from our renowned faculty, who nurture each child’s potential for artistry and self-confidence. Joy and agility are encouraged through training, mentoring and performing experiences furthering their skills and talents.

Our faculty is dedicated to providing guidance and expertise that shape the performer both technically and artistically – not only to become professional dancers, but to develop the confidence and discipline in pursuing all life goals.

Students of All Abilities & Ages

Students ranging from pre-school to adults take part in classes designed to meet a variety of abilities. Central to our purpose is inspiring and challenging students to achieve their best.

Over 50 Years of History

MDT&S is the official school of Minnesota Dance Theatre. Founded in 1962, and merged with Ballet Arts Minnesota in 2006 for a collective history of over 50 years, the School has achieved national recognition as a leading dance institution in the United States. Since its inception, MDT has insisted upon the partnership of a professional performing company and a dance school – there would not be one without the other.

Young Children’s Division (YCD)

A joyful introduction to ballet for girls and boys ages 3 1/2 – 11. Students in the Young Children’s Division (YCD) explore movement through imagery, music and self-expression.
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Boys Classes

MDT&S offers tuition-free Boys classes for ages 5-11, focusing on coordination, alignment and athleticism. Musicality, imagination and self-expression promote a fun and energetic class environment.
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Performing Arts Division (PAD)

Children ages 8-18 are eligible to enter the Performing Arts Division, which provides a strong sequential curriculum in classical ballet, unique in the Midwest.
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Open Adult Division

Ballet classes are offered through the year for adults (ages 16 and older) from all walks of life who wish to enjoy the physical and aesthetic benefits of dance.
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Summer Programs

MDT&S offers dance classes throughout the summer comprised of Young Children’s Division (YCD) classes and Performing Arts Division (PAD) intensives.
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Conditioning / Pilates

A Pilates-based fitness workout, which is a blend of fitness and body therapy that re-aligns your posture for improved functional strength and enhancement of sports performance.
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